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Every book is as special (and almost as wonderful) as your child.
The adventure is based on the letters of their name.

  • You tell us the child's first name

  • Using that name’s letters, we create a wonderful story

  • The book is printed, just for you

  • There's one happy (and clever) child!

Ready to create some magic?

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    Who's the book for?

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    Boy or Girl?

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    Hey Presto - Take a Look!

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  • Who?

    Who’s the book for?

    Our personalised children's books are for children between 2 and 6 Happy customers have also bought for a newborn – just like clothes, they’ll grow into it!
  • What?

    How big? What’s it printed on?

    Our story books for kids are printed A4 size, landscape.

    They are proudly printed digitally in the UK on thick, uncoated, environmentally-friendly paper.
  • How?

    How long does shipping take?

    Each book is personalised and printed just for you. We’ll usually deliver within:
    8 days in the UK + US
    Three weeks to the Rest of the world