Personalized books for girls

Our magical books for girls have been developed to be able to provide each child with a unique story that is personalized for them. Beyond just adding a name, you have the ability to create a story where you can select characters, locations and more. A truly personalized book, where the girl is the main character, making a perfect gift and keepsake for years to come.

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UFO or Unicorn, Lion or Lobster - choose between characters for almost every letter!

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Lost My Name Personalized Picture Book

The Little Girl who lost her Name is our first book, which has inspired over 1million children worldwide.

Perfectly personalized to each child, the story follows a courageous child on an adventure to find the missing letters from their name. Along the way they meet lots of marvellous characters, who each give the child a letter until their name is spelled out. The beauty of the book is that each child’s name creates its own special, personalized story book, featuring different characters depending on the letters.

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