Christening Gifts

A Christening is a wonderful occasion for any family, and a great opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Christening gifts should be extra special, and personalized products make marvellous gifts that will be kept and cherished for years to come; the perfect keepsake.

Our gifts for boys and girls include our range of unique products which have been created to make children around the world more clever, curious and kind. We love to bring together the power of technology and amazing stories to create products that are truly unique, and that can be impossibly personalized to each child.

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Lost My Name がお届けする、すてきなパーソナライズアイテムは、こちらから。

だれか なまえを みなかった?


The perfect christening gift for children, The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name is a best selling children’s book (well over 1 million sold worldwide) taking each child on an adventure to find the missing letters from their name. It’s a special way to mark a child’s arrival.

A great gift to encourage learning, our personalized posters make name spelling and alphabet learning a bit more fun. As with our books, you can select a main character, add their name, and also a dedication to make the gift extra special.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is only the most epic, astonishing personalized storybook in the galaxy. It tells the story of a child who gets lost in space, and needs to find their way home with the help of new friends. It’s an amazing way to mark the moment a child arrives home - or just into people’s lives.

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Each child's adventure is based on their name or address, making the item uniquely theirs.

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Hand-drawn illustrations meet high-tech systems on every page, bringing your personalized book to life.

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