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If you’re looking for magical books for boys then you’re in luck. Our books are the perfect personalised gift for any child. One is a special adventure based on a child’s name. Another is an astonishing adventure from outer space to a boy’s (or girl’s) very own front door.

With all our books, to ensure they are as personalised as possible you can select a protagonist that looks most like your child. In the Little Boy Who Lost His Name you can even decide which characters they meet along the way. Is Dragon a bit too scary? Choose Donkey instead. And Robot won’t be at all offended if you decide to pick Rabbit for your story. It’s your book.

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Lost My Name Personalised Picture Book

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name is the best selling personalised book in the world. A special story in which a host of characters give the child their name one letter at a time. So a boy called Adam might meet Alligator, Dragon, Angel and Monkey. To create yours, all you do is enter a child’s name and we’ll instantly create their story.

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