Children’s bedtime stories

Bedtimes are some of the best moments to form a special bond with children. And they’re a wonderful time to spark imaginations, minutes before the dreams begin. Make bedtimes even more magical with our personalised children’s stories made specially, incredibly for every single child. Each of our books has been written to be read out loud with playful rhymes and wonderful illustrations that encourage exploration, curiosity and kindness.

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UFO or Unicorn, Lion or Lobster - choose between characters for almost every letter!

Impossibly personalised bedtime stories

Reading to kids at bedtime creates an incredible bond between a parent and child. Along with fostering a love of reading, bedtime stories for kids also help develop core learning skills, from logic and language retention to even lower stress levels. And it doesn’t hurt when they make you laugh too.

personalised bedtime stories

Our personalised books

In the Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name, the story is generated from the child’s name, and every name makes its own, unique story. Even children with the same name can get a different story, because you can choose which characters they’ll meet along the way.

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