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The Amazing Alphabet That Appeared In The Night

A glorious 30 page A-Z adventure featuring the characters from Lost My Name.

Free — in return for spreading the magic of Lost My Name

We've made this splendid book just for our friends. Crammed with wonderful characters, from Angel to Zebra, you can’t find it in shops. In fact, you can’t buy it anywhere.

The only way to get it is to tell your friends about Lost My Name.

Once three of your friends buy, we'll send you your book totally free! And the best bit is, your friends will get 15% off their first book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yep, totally free. Even the shipping is free, to anywhere in the world.

What's it printed on?

The book is printed on high-quality thick paper, and it’s 30 pages long, full colour throughout. Oh, and there’s a beautiful double fold-out at the end, featuring all the characters in the book.

Is the book available in different languages?

Sorry, no. It only comes in English right now, but we’re working on translations into other languages.

Why are you giving this away for free?

Well, we only give it away for free after three of your friends buy a Lost My Name book, so it's a good deal for us. We'd rather give our customers something in return for telling their friends than pay money to big advertising companies.

I already told my friends about Lost My Name. Can I have a free A-Z book?

We're afraid not, sorry. You have to get your friends to use the special link, so we can track the sale back to you. The good news is, if you tell more friends using the link, they'll get 15% off.

I have a different question

No problemo. Just drop us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Thanks for sending this special book to my little one. We love it so much and it definitely benefitted her a lot!


Thank you for the Alphabet Animals son doesn't want to read ANYTHING else!!


Our special book arrived and we LOVED it! What a beautiful story book!

The Ollen Family

I just received the book in the mail today. Thank you so much! It is beautiful and my kids love it! You guys should start selling them too!


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