132,667 Thank yous.

Julia Donaldson is amazing. She’s such a brilliant author, and such a phenomenal success, we can only admire her and what she’s done for kids’ books.

How phenomenal? Well, she’s been number 1 in picture books for the last ten years. And every year she'll have about 7 of the top 10 books. Which kind of makes her the Elvis of kid’s storytelling.

Last year, we just discovered, her book Superworm was #1, selling a whopping 115,445 copies in the UK.

Which is what makes our news even more marvellous. See, we’re not on Nielsen Bookscan's bestseller lists – our books don’t have ISBN numbers, and don’t sell in bookshops. But last year, we sold 132,667 books in the UK (and a whopping 325,000 globally)

Which makes us - drum roll - the UK’s number-one-selling picture book. High fives! Karate kicks around the office! We Are The Champions on the stereo!

To be in the kind of company of Julia Donaldson makes us feel pretty special. So thanks to everybody who bought a Lost My Name book. You’re phenomenal, too. We literally couldn't have done it without you.

132,667 Thank yous.

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