Astronaut reads picture book from space!

Astronaut reading a copy of The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

UPDATE [02.03.16]

We're stupendously excited to hear that British astronaut Tim Peake has read this very special story all the way from the International Space Station!

A gazillion thank yous to Tim, and all the folks at Story Time From Space, for helping us make the most astronomically awesome bedtime story experience, ever! We can't wait to share the video with you, stay tuned!

Major Tim Peake reading the Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home from the International Space Station

UPDATE [18.12.2015]:

After a few delays, and some anxious viewers back at Lost My Name HQ, the book we made for Roraigh finally launched into space and made it to the International Space Station.

And now that British astronaut Tim Peake is also on the ISS, we’re excited to see which astronaut will read Roraigh’s story to him. Stay tuned!


How do you make the most epic bedtime story experience in the universe? While this might sound like the plot for an unreleased Pixar film, we took the challenge quite seriously. Magical bedtimes are our thing.

So we started by making a book that could only be for one child. Each copy of The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home can only be for the person it’s ordered for, as the entire story revolves around both their name and home address.

The story is all about a little boy or girl making their way from the edge of the universe back home. Which got us thinking - what if this particular storytime could come… from space?

Which is where our friends at Story Time From Space stepped in. They’re a lovely non-profit dedicated to getting kids interested in reading and science, and they do so in the most awesome way possible: sending books in a rocket to the International Space Station to be read by astronauts to kids on earth. We were over the moon (see what we did there) when they chose us to be part of their next mission!

With them on board, we needed to chose the lucky child who’s personalised book would be sent up to space. We ran a contest...

And Roraigh won!

Our lucky winner

Now we had our special winner, his only-for-him book, and the grandest setting imaginable. And on December 3rd his story will be placed inside a rocket and launched to the Space Station. Even better, Roraigh and his family will be on hand to watch the launch at Kennedy Space Center.

(The picture below shows Roraigh's book being carefully loaded into the rocket!)

Roraigh’s story being carefully loaded

And who will read Roraigh’s book to him, sometime next year? We’re not entirely sure yet, but we hope it will be British astronaut Tim Peake, who is himself about to head to the ISS on December 15th. An astronaut reading a book from space to the one child on earth that book is for? Sounds epic.