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What's it all about?

Life is an adventure

Fun, surprising, occasionally scary, mostly marvellous, and intensely personal

Our book is a celebration of that

It tells the story of a child who has lost his or her name, and bravely sets off to track down the missing letters

It's a magical journey like no other

Along the way the child meets lots of weird and wonderful characters, who each give the first letter of their name

Words by David Cadji Newby
Illustrations by Pedro Serapicos

Some of the characters you'll meet along the way

Frequently asked questions


Who's the book for?

The book is for children between 2 and 6. Happy customers have also bought for a new born – like clothes, they’ll grow into it!


How big? What’s it printed on?

The books are about A4 size, landscape. They are digitally printed on thick, uncoated, environmentally-friendly paper.


How long to print and ship?

Each book is personalised, and printed just for you. We’ll give you an estimated delivery date when you buy your book.


How much does shipping cost?

Nothing! Whether you live in Birmingham, Berlin or Beijing, it won’t cost you anything to have your lovely book sent to you.

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